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Thursday, January 28, 2010


     This is a question that all families really need to consider BEFORE bringing a new bundle of joy home to enjoy. Why? Because all dog breeds aren't alike...their personalities can vary greatly as do their personal care needs.  Doing some avid research on the different breeds of dogs, their characteristics and care needs before you actually invest is really the first step in successful dog ownership.


     Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself and get answers to before investing in that new pup:

1. Do I have the time for a new puppy or dog?
2. What breed would be best suited to my living arrangements? Do I want a calm breed or an energetic one? Long hair or short hair? Large, Medium or Small breed? Mixed breed or Purebred?  Is anyone in the family allergic to dog hair?
3. Do I have small children who can accidentally be harmed by one of the larger breeds? (Large breeds grow quickly and usually go through a jumping stage and nipping stage.)
4. What is  the life span expectancy for the given breed I am are interested in. How many years do I want to
invest in him/her?
5. Which sex is best suited for our family and living arrangements? (Males may be more dominant, females more submissive.)
6. How much can I afford for the initial investment and how much can I afford on a weekly and montly basis for his/her care. *Do some research on each of these and make a list of expense amounts. Remember this is more than just the purchase price of the dog and some food. There are a number of other items you may need including: water and food bowls, inside training kennel and treats, pillow,  toys, outside fencing or kennel area, collar and leash, flea/tic preventatives, etc.  Later, it will mean regular trips to the vet for immunization boosters, wormings,  neutering or spaying, etc.
7. Should I purchase from a friend, breeder or rescue a dog from a pet shelter?
8. Have I discussed with my family the responsibilies of owning a dog? Will everyone in the family chip in and make this new addition to the family a successful one?
9. There may be other questions that you think of?


     Dog ownership is a great investment for your family and your pet when you choose wisely. With spending just a little time answering the above questions, you will be better equipped in making the happiest choice for you and your family.


     Here are a few resources in that you may find useful when doing research on dog breeds:

1.   akc.org/breeds    Lists all purebred breeds and characteristics. Also lists some AKC breeders.
2.   Internet  websites.
3.   Supplies:  cherrybrook.com  or petsmart.com  (click links on this page) Also, drsfostersmith.com   Your local pet stores and farm supply stores.
4.   Talk to trusted friends, family, breeders and others who have had experience with the dog breed you are interested in.
5.   Talk to a trusted veterinarian.
6.   Read this blog each week. I will be introducing a new breed each week along with its characteristics.

*You won't want to miss my Dog Blog next week. I will be addressing the subject of  "Selecting a Reputable Dog Breeder".


*Answer to last week's "What Dog Breed is This?"  Yorkshire Terrier.  The "Yorkie" was named after the English city of Yorkshire. Used in the nineteenth century to catch rats in  clothing mills.  Toy size  from 4 to 7 pounds. They have long hair that takes daily care and grooming.   Need limited excercise but daily interaction with owners. Adapts easily to surroundings and travel well. Acceptable AKC colors as adults are: Dark steel- blue or Tan.


This week's "WHAT DOG BREED IS THIS"?  This breed is the 3rd most AKC registered dog in 2008.  Please post your answer....

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