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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Welcome to Deb's Dog Blog!!!
This is the first article in my blog and I am really excited about it.  I hope you will find it useful and enjoy it. As always, your comments are welcome at any time....

We've all heard of foods that dogs should absolutely avoid. Today I am sharing with you a compliation of  foods that your dogs should avoid. If you are aware of any others please let me know,  why it should be avoided, and where you received the info from.


1.     Pork
2.     Chocolate
3.     Raisins and Grapes
4.     Onions
5.     Bones --- Especially Chicken. Any bones that splinter.
6.     Milk & Milk based products
7.     Sugary & Processed foods.
8.     Artificial Sweeteners
9.     Spicy foods
10.   Old foods - Old leftovers. Anything you wouldn't eat.
11.   Corn,  wheat, soy, Any Meat By-products.
12.   Any dog foods or dog treats with any of the above ingredients.

In my next blog post I will discuss how you can help give your dog a longer healthier life by providing him/her with the proper diet. I will give you several key tips that are essential in selecting healthy  dog food and treats for your dog. Please join me next time, which will be on Fridays of each week.
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