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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sorry folks for not getting anything posted for awhile. Soon after I first started this blog last year, my father became ill and I spent the rest of the year caring for him. Now that my days are again free to blog, I wanted to remind everyone that it's flea, tick and heartworm time again!

It is vital to make sure your puppy or dog is on a monthly regiment of heartworm control. There are several brands on the market. Discuss this with your vet. You will need to purchase it at the vets' office or get a prescription for it if you are ordering it online. Canines get heartworms from mosquito's that carry the parasite. When the mosquito bites your dog, it deposits the parasite into your dog (the host) where it nurtures and grows eventually becoming fatal to your dog. Even though you don't think mosquitos are in the neighborhood, rest assured....THEY ARE. Heartguard is an excellent and easy product to administer for the prevention of heartworms in canines.

It's also very  important to keep fleas and ticks under control! A dog can become very ill due to flea infestation and it is very uncomfortable for your pet to be bitten constantly by fleas or having fleas and ticks feed on their blood. Some dogs can become anemic and fatally ill if severly infested. There are several brands of flea and tick control available.

I have personally found that Frontine administered once a month works very efficiently. Buying it in a 3 or 6 month pack will save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Some vet's will give you a free puppy pack with these two items included in it when you take your puppy in to the office for first exam and immunizations.

You can also purchase FRONTLINE from the Link on the upper left of this page!

Here is a link to a cute video of our German Shepherd puppy litter in Nov. 08.